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in Tajikistan

IOM supported to train Khatlon journalists on how to ethically cover migrant families

A group of Khatlon province journalists learned ethical journalism standards and solutions journalism to improve proper coverage of families of migrants with focus on importance of protecting the dignity of these families.

 This training also aimed to attract attention of local media representatives on the life of families left behind by migrants and encourage them to cover these families more frequently.

The journalists also visited some of these families in Dusti to hear their stories and report on their needs.

As part of the training program, Dusti local authorities, including district Deputy Mayor Ms. Zebo Sharifzoda, hosted the journalists and answered their questions at a special press-conference dedicated to the life of families affected by migration and left behind.

This initiative has been organized jointly by IOM and UN Women within the United Nations initiative to support families left behind in Tajikistan and aims to increase the local society awareness on life of these families. The United Nations agencies, such as IOM, UNICEF, UN Women, and FAO teamed up with the Government of Tajikistan to reduce vulnerability and empower women and children from families left behind by their migrant breadwinner.

The project is funded through the UN Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund.

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