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2019 World Day against Trafficking in Persons in Tajikistan

The IOM network of civil society partners in Tajikistan is marking the 2019 World Day against Trafficking in Persons through a programme of events engaging local youth and potential migrants. 


Since the establishment in 2013 of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, governments have been called to take action to protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. Billions of dollars are made by traffickers annually through the exploitation of thousands of victims for sexual and labour purposes. No country has proved immune to this form of modern slavery. The absolute majority of detected victims are women and girls trafficked for sexual exploitation. Women and girls account for every third of those trafficked for forced labour, with the other two thirds of forced labour victims being men and boys. Against this grim reality, the good news is that governments and the public are paying increased attention to the issue and that closer coordination between governments, the civil society and UN agencies has produced good results: increased victim identification and protection, more effective prevention and growing number of prosecution cases. 

In the first half of 2019, IOM Tajikistan has provided direct assistance to 17 victims of trafficking and prevented 8 other cases of potential trafficking, most of whom were male. In 2018, IOM Tajikistan assisted 20 adult Tajik nationals, including 19 women, to return home and access the necessary assistance for their reintegration. Many of these victims were rescued from sexual and labour exploitation in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Most of the victims assisted by IOM are referred to us by the Tajik authorities, thanks to our close cooperation in detecting and protecting victims. We are equally proud and honoured by our partnership with the Tajik civil society. Our cooperation with over 20 non-governmental organizations around the country has grown stronger over years of working together in securing legal, medical, education and psychological assistance to victims”, said Cristina Gheorghe Tranca, Chief of Mission, IOM Tajikistan. 

In 2019, IOM Tajikistan has conducted sustained awareness work through the [social] media and via educational events engaging target communities and society segments, especially Tajik youth. IOM’s efforts have also aimed to build capacity to detect victims and provide victim assistance, including by educating on the use by traffickers of new technologies in the recruitment of their victims and, conversely, the use of same new technologies to prevent trafficking and protect victims. 

Act to #EndHumanTrafficking

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