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IOM Global Migration Film Festival in Tajikistan for the First Time

The Global Migration Film Festival featured new films that capture the promise and challenges of migration for those who leave their homes in search of a better life and the unique contributions migrants make to their new communities. 

This year’s festival took place for the first time in Tajikistan from 5th to 18th of December. All screenings were free of charge and the closing ceremony of festival was on International Migrants Day. The event was organized with the support of Ismaili Center, UN Resource Center, American Councils for the International Education, American Corner and Dushanbe International Airport that provided their facility free of charge. GMFF was open to public and everyone was welcomed to attend the screenings.  

Opening Ceremony  

Opening Ceremony, on 5th of December was opened with short film “Migrants, an invisible Force in Central Asia” and with the welcome speech of IOM Tajikistan’s Chief of Mission, Dragan Aleksoski. Mr. Aleksoski’s speech was mainly focused on IOM projects, key achievements, and future steps. Mr. Aleksoski talked about cooperation of IOM with the Government of Tajikistan, state agencies, NGOs and other international organizations. After the speech guests were welcomed to watch the movie “Home”, and then enjoy the living library, art/poetry corners and photo exhibition. Additionally, to “Home”, the movies ‘My leg” and “Hotel USA” were also played after the opening ceremony for the viewing of public.  

UN Resource Center  

The screening of “Sea Tomorrow was held on 7th of December in the UN Resource Center. As the center is located in the building of the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, majority of viewers were students.  

IOM Open Day 

IOM Open Day was held on 8th of December during the Global Migration Film Festival period where IOM staff made a tour around the office for visitors, did the screening of the movies “My leg”, “Hotel USA”, “The Forger”, “The Circle”, “The Apartment”, “Kwentong” and “Prisana”, and welcomed everyone for traditional Tajik dish “Oshi Palov” for lunch.  

American Councils for the International Education/ACCELS  

On 9th of December IOM staff screened the movie “To Kyma: A rescue in the Aegean Sea” at the American Councils for the International Education where FLEX Alumni, volunteers and College Prep-Club came to watch the movie. During the movie FLEX Alumni offered everyone popcorn and after the screening IOM staff, Nushofarin Noziri and Abdulvahhobi Muminjoniyon discussed the movie with viewers.  

Ismaili Center  

Another screening was held at the same day, 9th of December at Ismaili Center, the movie “No Problem”. Aga Khan Debate club participants and local students were welcomed to watch the movie and hold a discussion with IOM staff, Mohira Fayzulloeva and Shekhova Zebigul.

UNRC Residence building, Qatar Dushanbe Diar  

Mr. Aleksoski organized another screening of the movie “Home” for the head of UN and other international organizations, and ambassadors of the represented countries at the UNRC Residence building on 13th of December.  

American Corner  

The last screening was held on 16th of December at the American Corner in Dushanbe. A movie “Misafir: A guest” was screened for the local students, stuff and visitors of the American Corner. After the movie, the discussion was held by George Williams and Kamolova Gulnora.  

International Migrants Day 

On 18th of December, International Migrants Day, IOM Dushanbe organized several events. Early in the morning IOM staff organized information campaign that included free TB and HIV tests. In the evening IOM organized a celebration where donors, representatives from embassies, local and international partner organizations, and NGOs were welcomed. The event was opened with an opening speech of Mr. Mahmadullozoda Nurullo, Deputy Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan. During his speech, he mentioned about the importance of the adopted International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all migrant workers and members of their family. He also expressed his gratitude to IOM Tajikistan and indicated the crucial role of IOM in maintaining safe and regulated labor migration. Mr. Dragan Aleksoski continued with his speech by expressing gratitude to the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan, and to the Government for being good partners in regulation of labor migration processes.   

In his speech, Mr. Aleksoski also mentioned that through the development and facilitation of locally relevant and contextualized programs, IOM remains at the forefront of migration policy and practice in Tajikistan by providing support and working with local government agencies, civil society, academia, private actors and individuals. Additionally, he highlighted that migration has its complexities and both, the Government of Tajikistan and international community have to stand ready for addressing these challenges resulting from migration through joint collaboration and coordination. 


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