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Bahrom’s “Five Stars” in Darvaz

On the eve of the World Tourism Day, we will tell you a story of a success touristic business in the hearts of mountains in Tajikistan.

Bahrom Sangakov is 43 years old and has three sons. When he was young, he got a disability and now walks with a problem. This problem did not allow him to go to Russia or even Dushanbe to seek for a job as many other youth from mountains do. But if God looks at you, He gives your piece of bread even inside the stones. 

Bahrom gives his home located in the entrance into Darvaz centre, in Qalai Khum, right on the river, for rent. When asked how he started running a homestay business, he said that in the beginning many guests were just knocking on the door and spending a night there and paying themselves to him, although he did not use to ask for any money.

IOM Tajikistan with a funding from the Government of UK assisted Bahrom to expand his guesthouse. Now, he has 17 beds in six rooms full of local and foreign guests, who spend a night under amazing fresh mountainous air listening to marvelous sound of river on their way from Dushanbe to Khorugh or back. Bahrom says: “I thank IOM for these modern comfortable beds and now I can provide better services to my guests. I have a lot of clients, who even call me before coming to Tajikistan and book rooms and order their favorite food”.

Inspired by blooming business of Bahrom, his right and left neighbours also have changed their homes into a homestay this summer. If you also have a trip to Badakhshan, spend a night in Darvaz, play cards with Bahrom’s sons, and collect extraordinary memories.

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